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What is a Polynomial?
A polynomial is defined as an expression of two or more algebraic terms. The term polynomial itself means “poly” (means many) and “nomial” (means terms). A polynomial can consist of constants, variables, and even exponents. Check out this detailed polynomials article to understand about this topic it in detail and to get further information.
Standard Form of a Polynomial:
[a0 xn + a1 xn – 1 + a2 xn – 2 + …….. + an x2 + an – 1 x + a­n]
Degree of a Polynomial:
In a polynomial, the highest power of the polynomial is referred to as the degree of the polynomial.
Types of Polynomials
There are three main types of polynomials which are linear, quadratic, and cubic polynomial according to the degree of that polynomial.

Degree Type of Polynomial
1 Linear Polynomial
2 Quadratic Polynomial
3 Cubic Polynomial

The above table can be explained as “a polynomial with degree 1 is known as a linear polynomial, a polynomial with degree 2 is binomial or quadratic polynomial, whereas with degree three is cubic polynomial.”
Root or Zeroes of a Polynomial
For any given polynomial, the value of x obtained by substituting the value of polynomial as 0 is known as the zero of the polynomial. These are also termed as roots of the equation.The Graphical meaning of the zeros of the polynomial is that the curve cuts the x-axis a point (k,0), where k is the root of the polynomial.
Notes: A polynomial of degree n will have n roots. So, any quadratic polynomial can only have a maximum of 2 zeroes and any cubic polynomial will have 3 zeroes maximum.
A quadratic equation ax2 + bx + c = 0 will have 2 roots, say α and β.
The sum of roots (α + β = -b⁄a)
Product of the roots (αβ = c⁄a)
Division Algorithm
According to division algorithm, any polynomial p(x) and any non-zero polynomial g(x), there exists polynomials q(x) and r(x) such that p(x) = g(x) q(x) + r(x), where r(x) = 0 or degree r(x) < degree g(x).
Example Questions
Example 1 (based on zeroes or roots of a polynomial)
Polynomial For Class 10 Example Questions
Example 2 (based on division algorithm)
Polynomial For Class 10 Example Questions

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Practice Questions
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Find all the zeroes of a polynomial 3x4 + 6x3 – 2x2 – 10x – 5 if two of its zeroes are given as: √(5⁄3), and -√(5⁄3)
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